SGS-16 - 16” Replacement UV Lamp for Private Label or SafeGuard UV Cleanser (NO RETAINER)



This SafeGuard Bulb is an Original OEM SafeGuard UV Cleanser™ 16 inch replacement lamp. Certified SafeGuard™ bulbs are compatible with any Safeguard UV Cleanser™, limited space applications sometimes require short bulbs. To maintain maximum effective performance, SafeGuard bulbs must be replaced retaner 

This lamp does not have a "Clover" style or round retainer.  It uses a Black Grommet held in-place with a large metallic nut. 

For great value, SafeGuard offers 2 year Replacement Lamps.

Effective Life: 12,000 Hours

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty pro-rated after 90 days

EPA Estblishment Number 96244-CA-1

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