Safeguard™ Certified Replacement Bulbs

Shipping:  All Bulbs Ship FREE - No Minimum

Limited LifeTime Warranty:  If your SafeGuard UV Cleanser or KnightLight System fails to work after purchasing our "Certified Replacement Bulb" we will fix or replace your unit for free.      

Replacing your SafeGuard Bulb with a Certifed SafeGuard™ replacement bulb / lamp insures the are Original Equipment Manufacture OEM and are guaranteed to be an exact fit for your SafeGuard UV Cleanser™.

SafeGuard has paid special attention to the formulation of these bulbs and lamps to insure quality, effectiveness and life of the product is maximized. Our SafeGuard Bulbs have an effective life of 12,000 hours with a 1-Year Warranty.  For added value, these SafeGuard Bulbs are available as 2 year Replacement Lamps please note this option

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Any SafeGuard Bulb replacement part other that Certified SafeGuard™ voids the exclusive Limited LifeTime Warranty that comes with each SafeGuard UV Cleanser™.

EPA Estblishment Number 96244-CA-1