SGPCO-16 Air Scrubber PCO Snap-On 16" add-on Odor Eliminator like cannabis, marijuana, cigarette and cigar for SafeGuard UV Cleanser or KnightLight Coil Cleanser 16"



Air Scrubber PCO Snap-On for SafeGuard UV Cleanser

Air Cleaner safely removes cannabis and marijuana odors including cigarette, cigar, cannabis, marijuana and numerous other organic air borne smells.  

The Air Scrubbers’ TIo2 Cell quickly twists and locks into place over the lamp of the SafeGuard UV Cleanser and purifies the air from cannabis, marijuana. As long as the SafeGuard UV Bulb is replace on a regular basis the Air Scrubber is self-cleaning and thus never needs to be replaced.  Effective, non-chemical, safe air purifier for cannabis, marijuana and more.

When the Tio2 Cell is exposed to UV-C light it produce Nano Oxidizers which are then disbursed into the air-stream. As these Nano Oxidizers come in contact with common household chemicals and odors like cannabis and marijuana, cigarette, cigar these Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) in the home are attacked, transformed and reduced to harmless base elements such as H2O and carbon dioxide.

Removes cannabis and marijuana odors including cigarette, cigar, cannabis, marijuana

Requires basic skills. Be prepared to enlarge the existing hole to a 2 1/4" opening. Consider your local heating and cooling company for a proper professional installation

EPA Estblishment Number 96244-CA-1

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