SG-24 - 24” 2 year Replacement UV Lamp for the AirWash PCO (also fits SafeGuard UV Cleanser)



Original OEM AirWash PCO and SafeGuard UV Cleanser™ 24 inch SafeGuard UV replacement Bulbs / Lamp. Certified SafeGuard™ bulbs are compatible with any Safeguard UV Cleanser™. To maintain maximum effective performance SafeGuard bulbs they must be replaced every 2 years.  

Don't forget to replace the Air Wash PCO Filters, Air Wash PCO Filter is a direct replacement for the 4 inch High Efficiency Filter in the Air Wash PCO Filter.

The Air Wash PCO Replacement Filter 4 inch High Efficiency Filter should be changed at the beginning of each season, depending on usage.

EPA Estblishment Number 96244-CA-1



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